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Dryer Repair Service

From time to time Cloth Dryer may stop working and you will discover your cloths are wet, We at Better Care Appliances Specialize in Dryer Repairs and can Help you solve any issue that you might encounter With the Dryer. Dryer may cause issues Such as not heating up or just won’t finish a full cycle or just takes a very long time for your Cloth to get dry, Dryer can also cause very Loud noises during work .

We at Better Care will be happy to Assist you with any issue you might encounter So Give us a call and we will meet you shortly


  • Doesn’t Heat Up Enough
  • Doesn’t Finish Cycle
  • Clothes Are Wet At End Of Cycle
  • Cycles For Too Long
  • Dryer Will Not Tumble
  • Dryer Wont Shut Off
  • Takes Too Long To Dry
  • Makes Loud Noise
  • Shuts Off Too Soon
  • Dryer Door Issues
Service Time
Dryer Drum issues 1-2 Hours
Dryer Not Heating 1.5 Hours
Dryer Door Issues 1 Hours
Dryer Won’t Start 2 Hours
Dryer Stops To Early 1.5 Hours

We can diagnose any appliances and provide you with a best solution for you broken Dishwasher so you can relax and let the Professionals get the job Done

We will provide you with quick and honest Quote with a Fixed price and consult you on the next steps for your Dishwasher Repair, No surprises on the bill and NO hidden prices

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